Life Insurance Designed
to Keep You Alive

Protect the what-ifs. Insure the right-nows.

What is FOXO Life?

We’re here to put the LIFE back in Life Insurance. It’s no longer enough to leave a financial legacy for your loved ones. Our Life Insurance takes it one step deeper by getting molecular. Using science and technology, we give you personalized health insights that you can use to improve the length and quality of your life. We’ll get you the protection you need and connect you to tools and resources that help you to pass down your healthy habits to the next generation.

This is how we improve life.

Why purchase Life Insurance from FOXO Life?

Because nothing is more important than protecting the people you care about. Except…staying alive and healthy to make epic memories with the ones you love. At FOXO, we help you do both. Because THAT’s how you build a lasting Legacy.


Health & Aging


Epigenetic Technology


Life Insurance

What Makes FOXO Life Different?

We are building groundbreaking technology that gives you insights into your body’s biological age so you can proactively improve your health, live longer, and have peace of mind for the what-ifs in life.

What’s included:

  • Insights into your biological age
  • Resources to extend your lifespan
  • Financial protection for your loved ones

How it Works

Building your legacy has never been easier! Here’s how it works.

1) Get a Quote

2) Complete your Application

3) Submit Saliva

4) Epigenetic Testing

5) Get Insured

6) Gain Insights & Resources

Who is FOXO Life?

We’re a team of highly skilled epidemiologists, machine learning data scientists, life insurance agents, and entrepreneurs on a mission to keep you and your legacy alive.


Our Scientists

Our experts in biological science and machine learning use cutting-edge epigenetic technology to help you improve your health & quality of life.



Our Legacy Builders

Our life insurance agents are on your side offering you competitive rates to protect your loved ones and helping you to build a lasting legacy.


Who’s Behind FOXO?

FOXO CEO and founder, Jon Sabes is passionate about reimagining life insurance to help you live healthier longer, giving you more feel-good days to enjoy life and make lasting memories with the ones you love.